The Gospel is the good news.

It is, according to the Bible, the Power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes – Jews and Gentiles alike. We need salvation, every one of us, because we are separated, or alienated, from God by our Sin – that is, by our selfish independence and proud unbelief. God, in his mercy, made a way for us to be saved, to be reconciled to Him, and made beloved sons and daughters. We are then filled with His Holy Spirit and enabled to live the Christian life.

But the way of salvation is not what we would expect. It is not something that we can accomplish, or do for ourselves, but something that He did for us. He, God the Father, sent his divine Son, Jesus, to suffer and die on the cross in my place as my substitute – punishing Christ in my place. Jesus took the guilt of my sin upon Himself, and gave me in exchange His own righteousness, his own moral goodness, which is so pleasing to the Father. When God looks upon me, He sees me as I really am in His sight – forgiven, holy, and fit for Heaven.

To be saved, you must confess your sin – your moral and spiritual failure. You must give up trying to reform yourself and cast yourself upon the mercy of God. Ask Jesus to save you. Ask Him to make you one of His children and enable you to follow Him all of your days. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

That’s the good news.