What to Expect

Website visitors want to know about your church before they decide to come. Here are some things to consider publishing on your About page.

  • Share basics like where you are (link to your Location page)
  • Tell who your Pastor is (link to his bio and your Staff page)
  • Explain your purpose (what’s important to you) — mission, vision, values
  • Provide a brief history of your church
  • If you’re part of a denomination, say so here
  • Show a photo or two, inside or out
  • Link to related pages: EventsMinistriesMissions, etc.

It can also be helpful to provide answers to practical questions visitors might have, such as:

  • What can I expect when I visit?
  • What is the worship service like?
  • What are the sermons like?
  • Where should I park?
  • What about Sunday School classes, new member classes, etc.?
  • What about fellowship activities, youth activities, outreach, etc.?

For more tips download the Top 33 Questions Visitors Have About Your Church and read Content Your Church Website Must Have.

Our Vision

What We Believe

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1. We seek unity in essential beliefs

2. We value liberty in non-essential beliefs

3. We pursue love in all things